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A good economy is one of your best friends when it comes to selling your house. In a good economy, a time when unemployment is low and salaries are rising, you can sell your house fast. You can also get the price that you want for your house.

Tips to better house sells

That's if you prepare to sell your home smartly. A good start is to bring the right realtor into your house sell process. Should you choose not to work with a realtor, schedule time to read up on house listing, marketing, staging, open house and lender agreements.

Also, make sure that you have the time to complete house sell steps that a realtor normally works on. Regarding marketing, get up to speed on real estate sites that attract serious house shoppers. List your house at these sites.

Take colorful pictures of the interior and exterior of your home. Get shots of your floors, room layouts and stairwells. Consider working with a professional photographer to create pictures that show the real size of the rooms at your house.

Whether you work with a realtor or sell your house on your own, do this before you put your house on the market:

  • Focus on curb appeal - Cut away low hanging tree limbs. Trim hedges and get rid of weeds. Plant flowers to add color to the outside of your house. Humans are visual; bright floral colors can cause your house to demand attention.
  • Find an alternate home for pets - Ask a relative to keep your pets until you sell your house. Clean up pet hairs and get rid of pet odors.
  • De-Personalize your house - Take family pictures off walls. Also, remove drawings that your children made from the refrigerator.Let your realtor showcase your home during an open house, not your personal pictures. In fact, open house showings are great times for you to hang out with your spouse or friends.
  • Clean - Give your house a thorough cleaning. Think apartment model or five-star hotel clean when you clean your house to put it on the market.
  • Neutral is awesome - Paint walls neutral colors. Remove posters from walls and design your house so that anyone could see how easily it is to add their own unique style and personality to the property.

Selling your house fast requires total preparedness

It's possible to sell your house in less than a month, especially if you put your house on the market during a peak house buying season. Marketing is a big part of selling your house fast. Taking advantage of social media, videos and professional pictures are other powerful ways to get your house sold.

Making sure that your house is in good condition is equally as important. You also need to truly be ready to release your house. That's why selling your home fast and getting a good price for your house is about more than marketing and money. To get your house off the market, you really do need to be prepared to land the right sell financially, emotionally and socially.